I eat a lot of sardines in the winter – probably because they go so well with crackers, aka, my favorite food ever. so I thought maybe I should blog about sardines. initially I thought this should be part of the fish sandwiches blog, because now that I don’t live in pittsburgh I don’t eat a lot of fish sandwiches, but upon further thought I have decided that no, sardines deserve their own category. Commencing STAT.

Last night I had some Brunswick sardines in a mustard dill sauce.


the wrapper comes off and there is a boring tin underneath:


but once you open the tin, the mustard sauce is totally exciting and scary looking:


scary or not, though, it is so tasty. it’s more of a yellow mustard (obviously) taste than a spicy mustard, and the dill is so subtle as to be not noticable, but it goes very well with the fish.

The sardine pieces are kind of giant, too:


I prefer my sardines a little less SO BIG but they were good. I didn’t take any pictures of the little bones because that part is kind of gross and I try to pop them into my mouth quickly, but the spines are very big and obvious. so these sardines, while very tasty, might not be for the beginning eater-of-sardines.