Monthly Archives: June 2013

Rainbows on the way home!

. mikegrundy is all over this car.

More accidental flowers in the garden. Weeding has been the best idea this year: so many surprises!

Flowers in our side garden. NO idea what they are.

A skit about punching.

This is good, @kickstarter, but it still doesn’t explain or FIX how this was green-lighted in the first place.…

I LOVE the young man staring so totally in love at minerva. (bottom left). Retronaut – Pics fm the Police Gazette…

heh. YES. SO DANGEROUS. Obsessive Facebook Checkers…

I sorta can’t handle how much fun I have with this handsome guy — Somewhere in the Pioneer Valley with @mikegrundy

And! Returned to gate, so they can top off the fuel tank. To dodge storms we are going all the way around. I’ll wave to the Mississippi.

Flight attendant to unaccompanied minors: no, there’s no snakes on this plane.

At the airport. Waiting waiting waiting.

Good night, Jacksonville!

That time I went out for beers w colleagues after a day at the conference and I ordered the Nutsack ale.

And! Every acre of remediated land that is redeveloped offsets use of FOUR acres of greenfields. #sustainableremediation

Remediation in the US is a $7Billion/yr economic engine. #battelle #themoreyouknow

Solo booth duty. Everyone else is eating. Not that popular right now. Hungry.

Struggling w relative formality of this conf. I want to knit thru presentations but am representing my (engineering not knitting) company.

Jehoshaphat. It took me until this email to realize I can bring a mason jar for iced coffee/blended drinks. Duh!…

Ugh, that time I woke up before the birds to finish packing and leave for the airport.