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2009 CSA Week 4

2009 csa wk 4

We got:

lots and lots of lettuce, kohlrabi, broccoli, tomatoes (so delicious this week), shelling peas and sugar peas, yellow squash and zucchini.

left over from last week:

shelling peas, zucchini, kohlrabi. not bad!

but seriously, though – what are we supposed to do with kohlrabi as big as my head?

kohlrabi as big as my head

2009 CSA Week 3

csa 2009 wk 3

We got:

4 kohlrabi + leaves, sugar snap peas, shelling peas, tomatoes, a giant mass of swiss chard, beets + greens, dill, 4 heads of lettuce (two purpley oak leaf? and two more like romano).

We made this delicious beet risotto:
beet risotto

and ate the peas with hardboiled eggs. We quick-boiled all the chard at one time or another and enjoyed it in it’s chardy goodness, we avoided the kohlrabi, and we ate most of the snap peas. we had big big salads with lettuce and tomatoes. so yummy.

2009 CSA Week 1

We have a new CSA this year! They’re right down the road, and I wrote about them here.

here is our first share:


AND they apologized for it being so small. YIKES! we are a little nervous.

All spread out:

2009 CSA wk 1

kohlrabi, a giant cucumber, 4 heads of lettuce (two each red leave and possible boston?), bunch of dill, gigantic bag of spinach, and 2 quarts of strawberries

The strawberries – oh my lord, the strawberries. They are so magnificent. I can’t even explain how great they are. And the cucumber! the first cucumber of the season is so incredible – the fullness of flavor is so startling after winter grocery store cukes.

I can’t even begin to catch up.

I’ve been meaning to return to karinajean for a wicked long time, and have even got lots of posts halfway crafted in my head! but I have been so slow to do it. Partly I am just really busy: a new and longer commute, someone with which I want badly to spend my evenings, books to read, boxes to unpack, and also, my ever-continuing side project. But I’ve been thinking thinking thinking of what to write here, and how I don’t want to leave karinajean behind. I don’t want you to think that it’s this NYTimes article about abandoned blogs that is spurring me! it’s not that at all. I just plain miss it here at karinajean, ergo, hopefully, I’m back. (and not just because we got our first CSA shipment yesterday, no no, there’s more to it than that.)