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RT @HellForLeather Holy Crap. “NV now has 121,000 licensed motorcyclists, of which only 540 are under 21.”

Eleven is home sick this week with the flu. I’m working from home tomorrow to hang out and he’s really sweet: “it’s too lonely being sick!”

did NOT get up and run. DID get ready so I can get to work a titch early. did NOT get a good nights sleep. DO look forward to rest tonight.

he says he’s not searching for “shack” but @mikegrundy is finding some super cheap super small super shacky properties online in the woods.

home again and awfully tired after our brilliant trip away this weekend, and trying to decide if 30 deg. is too cold for a run in the AM.

Glenn Curtiss museum is a total A++. Good for airplane, motorcycle, and bike enthusiasts as well as big nerds.

We had such a nice stay at Halcyon b&b in savona ny. Now to Keyuka lake! the only finger lake with a natural outlet to another finger lake!

Second annual Empire State Anniversary Trip

We headed out Friday afternoon towards Corning NY. It was later than we had planned because I had more work to do than I’d hoped, but we had a lovely drive out RT 17 to the west to our B&B.

Last year we came to Niagara Falls and it was lovely but so cold and rainy. Last year Mike was the one with too much work to do, and he wasn’t able to put it aside while we were gone, either.

This year we got a late start but I didn’t bring any work with me, it’s cold but it’s sunny outside, and Mike was horribly ill for about 4 hours straight (something he ate, maybe?) but he bounced up this morning and is feeling wonderful today. Yay!

For the record, I was fine. probably bc I had a good start with cereal, drank more tea, and ate fewer potato chips.

Eating this today made @mikegrundy sick: eggsbeansgreens herring toast peanutbutterhoney spicypotatochips icecream halvalah choc beefjerky.

dreaming up ultra fashionable and safe moto-outfit: skinny kevlar jeans, military style gogogear jacket, and strap on knee pads – safe?

rock on, 12-year-old who loves his library:

today going on a romantical wkend trip: feels like it’s an epic voyage, not just a 3 hr drive to a weekend in Corning NY! #needmorevacations

mega-ultra-super-tired after a week of scrambly working hard and nothing accomplished (so far). back to the grind, gang. into the fray.

In general: things to know

Mike’s hair is at an awkward in-between length so he is wearing it in ponytails.

(and I love it!)

DUDE. just found out about a pinhole in my petcock vacuum line. that TOTALLY explains why my DRZ400 quit running with zero warning last yr!

Oh! Gotta find a show I can attend! “@Dolly_Parton: Knoxville, TN tickets NOW available for 7/17! NEW US tour dates!”

started to run again this week! it’s not awful! also I felt very nostalgic for @ginnyd13 when I went past the park pre-dawn this morning.

This was the glamour spot of my weekend

Here I am dressed in PPE (that’s personal protective equipment for those of you not in the hazmat biz) preparing to tackle the nasty mean poison ivy trees in our side yard. Please note that all the shaggy-looking vines in the chain link fence behind me are (on fact) nasty mean poison ivy.

It turns out that 1 hr is not long enough to pull up all if these well established vines. Also, the largest ones seem to be growing our of our neighbors yard, I hope he doesn’t mind me massacring the thriving pestilence.

I couldn’t even bag what I did pull, our bags weren’t robust enough. I need to get a new dress-up suit and revisit this job another day soon.

Happy first day of spring!

We are having a very balmy snowstorm, and everyone in the office is in shock. I am not, however, because of the year my 9th birthday party had to be moved indoors because it was snowing. On April 15th.