Monthly Archives: May 2003

Spring Cleaning of my Brain.

It’s starting to seem very nice outside. Is it spring yet? Honest?

I am so busy, but I don’t know what I’ve been doing at all. So here’s some lists:

Things that bothered me today at work:

  • Looking at a monitor, it hurt my eyes.
  • The bugs that bit through my nylons and gave me AT LEAST 5 bug bites. Yuck!
  • Office politics.

Things that I want to buy and am totally not going to because I’ve been a huge spendthrift lately:

  • A spinning wheel.
  • More books from Persephone books.
  • A little radio for running.
  • A mp3 player, even though I don’t have a computer at home, because looks so cool.

Things I wish I could stay in one place long enough to do:

  • Clean my room.
  • Finish Christmas presents for 2 special people.
  • Knit socks.
  • Knit a cool cardigan sweater from
  • Get back into spinning with my ridiculous spindle.
  • Learn to make books.
  • Learn to do linoprints.
  • Finish some more good books that I already own.
  • Learn CSS to make this web page (and my csa’s web page) beautiful and flash.
  • Fix my computer that daddy-o gave me, for which I dissected a tossed computer at work for parts. See if it works.

Things I love doing that I have been doing lately and want to do more of:

  • Reading good books.
  • Taking pictures with my wonderful 20 buck camera that I got at a barn sale.
  • Writing letters to people I love.
  • Making my bed.
  • Running in the morning (OK, I don’t LOVE that. I love the idea of doing it. The action, well, not so high on the love ladder yet.)

In an effort to accomplish SOMETHING, here it is: I am making a mailing list for this page. If you want to be included, send me an email! And as always, compliments are always appreciated…