Lenten Fish Sandwich

Last night I went to St. Charles Lwanga in Homewood for their $4.50 fish sandwich. I had to buzz to get into Holy Rosary School, and then I waited for about 5 minutes while they made me my sandwich. They offered me ketsup, hot sauce, and tartar but of course, I took tartar.

Driving away I noticed that this fish sandwich smelled a lot differently than others had! it had a very spicy smell to it. I unwrapped the corner at a stop light to take a nibble … and I saw a piece of fish fin. ! I was v. surprised, but had a nibble next to the fin, and the breading was fantastic, spicy, and cornmealy.

When I got home I unwrapped the whole thing. The top of the large, square fillet (it was probably about 5 inches square) looked like a normal fish sandwich. When I flipped it over, though, I saw bones. It was the boniest fish fillet I’ve ever seen! I was able to salvage it by deboning with my finger along the spine. I did lose some of that great breading, but I was nervous about eating fish bones.

The sandwich was good. A little more work than most, and for the first time I questioned my tartar sauce addiction — it would have been great with hot sauce. I enjoyed it, and I hope that my bony fish patty was just a fluke. It was totally worth it.