Hat Box! Givi Monolock E370 Top Case


Selected because it’s not too wide on the bike (even though I’m a pretty cautious rider, I like to reserve the option to split lanes through traffic, so the top case couldn’t be wider than the handle bars!).

Look how slender!


The hat box is mounted on a rack I bought from ebay seller s8dirt, and it is handsome in it’s own right:

new ebay rack

It was pretty difficult screwing down the mounting plate to the tail rack, but I got it done with the help of lots and lots of stacked washers. Another reason that having a partner with big boxes of multi-sized fasteners is so handy!


I didn’t locktite it at first, but after riding around for a couple of days I went back and did, and was really surprised at how much the nuts were trying to shake their way off of the motorcycle. So blue locktite everything, frequently, and check back as much as you can.


This hat box has worked out PERFECTLY for me. When I commute to work I can put my work laptop, lunch, sealable mug of hot tea, wallet and ladies-pocket-book type miscellany, and change of clothes (including fancy office shoes) into a canvas bag and in the hat box. When I get to work I pull the bag out and chuck my helmet and gloves into the hat box, and walk into the office. I wear a size large full face helmet, so the box is quite large. I also always carry a spare pair of gloves (warmer ones), glove liners (it gets so cold in the evenings, even in the summer), clear safety glasses (despite the full face helmet my eyes water without sunglasses or safety glasses on), a rag to wipe off my helmet, an extra bandanna, and my rain gear. And all that stuff fits in quite nicely with my cubicle jockey kit in this box!

I am horribly, horribly spoiled by this hat box. And I’m not ashamed.