I am not so great at following directions.

Last night’s plans:

  • go to ikea for shelves;
  • go to lowes for a staple gun;
  • go home and sew fabric together;
  • eat sardines for dinner;
  • go to the grocery store and get fixings for green bean casserole; and
  • go to bed right after therapy.

What happened instead of some of these items:

I built the shelves and put them into my closet. (these shelves, btw, were AWFUL. I am usually so good at ikea construction! what a blow to my ego.)


and then I moved this pile of mary kay “inventory” onto the shelves in the closet:


resulting in a full closet


and an empty floor


So that’s SOMETHING, at least.

and I did laundry! and pulled out more clothes to get rid of from my closet! um, something!