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The Truth about Redheads

My daddy-o sent me (and my entire [and extended] family) an email with this picture:

I dunno, I think it’s probably true. I love to swim AND dance. It’s more plausible than when I used to think I was a mermaid, anyway.

It's a pouring rain morning. Jealous of temporary kitty. # Temporary cat is trying to decide if he should destroy or create, to shred or to sew. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Our temporary cat and @mikegrundy reading a book together. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Most hilarious quote from Erik: "Whoa that is a BIG SOCK!" re: my over the knees. He is short, but they are LONG. # "These are treasures, see?" # I'm so glad @ilovetododishes told me to put my weird … Continue reading

"people say 'what's wrong w being sexy?' Well, what's wrong w wearing clothes? Or proper protective gear?" @beatonna in # I'M SAD I'll miss @beatonna at housing works 9/27. I'm critiquing innercity high school tech projects instead but SADFACE … Continue reading

Visiting Pittsburgh.

We drove out to PGH tonight to visit with Kelly and E. We were going to take the motorcycles – riding out here has been on our “must do” list for a while now – but it was raining so hard, and when I checked the Wunderground Roadtrip Planner it was high rain percentages both out and back. Plus it was low 60s, which is awesome for a short trip but can get pretty cold on a 10 hr trip in the rain.

But! Excuses! If we didn’t want to maximize our time with Kelly it would be different. As is we made the trip in just 7 hours and are ready to tuck in next to this beautiful lamp.


Wow, I thought I was relatively savvy about solar but this seminar on NJ solar market is really schooling me. And ACRONYMS aPLENTY! # I am on a huge Earl Grey/lady grey tea kick this week, btw. Hello fall! # … Continue reading

“@ethanlindseyMMR: Are you using a broken or cracked iPhone b/c you are waiting for iphone 5? Email me:” @kreyoli! # this article is so interesting to me! “@nytimesstyle: For Well-Shaped Brows, Step Away From the Tweezers: Skin Deep” … Continue reading

wow! Congrats @JadAbumrad! “@WNYC: MacArthur Genius Grants Announced, Radiolab Host Among Winners” # I am SO EXCITED about #DADT ending officially today. High Fives and good luck to gay service-people, allies, and supporters today! # y'all, temporary cat just … Continue reading

last night at our house our mighty hunter of a temporary cat managed to scare up a baby mouse to toy w at 430 am @emceedennis in reply to emceedennis # Powered by Twitter Tools

I screwed up the train schedule and will miss running the race for the cure. But! I really needed the rest, and I will STILL have brunch! # Seriously! Also, @nysci, what the heck? RT @mikegrundy: Hey @makerfaire, no recycling … Continue reading

Ooh, temporary cat is totally crazy nutters tonight. Book! You missed the full moon by, like, a week! # On our way to #MakerFaire # Someone is having an awesome time w his new suspenders! # Powered by … Continue reading

Man, I'd forgotten how bulky my cold weather gear is! That liner is ridiculous. 45degF motorcycle ride in to work today. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Hairstyling strategy: let it all stick up and see how the helmet squashes it. Before! #motorcycling # Hmmm. That didn't work like I thought it would. The helmet has no flattening effect on my crazy happy hair, apparently. … Continue reading

.@NekoCase I've been playing all your songs on shuffle thru my helmet speakers all week. *Clearly* I am the toughest motorcyclist around. # Powered by Twitter Tools

was my "pass all slow cars so they run interference" plan for after my dark taillightless mcycle commute smart? I got home safe. THIS TIME. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Many of the roads in my village are closed bc of flooding – ground is too saturated to manage the rains – now new river crests to watch for. # Ugh the Mosquitos at football practice are baking me seriously … Continue reading

Did I mention that I had a big splinter in my thumb? It was 8mm long!! (note dirty nails hazard of mesh mcycle gloves) # Helping @mikegrundy do survey for @mktplaceradio @kairyssdal on our mortgage/refi hassle. Supposedly closing tomorrow … Continue reading

On noes! I sent @ilovetododishes the wrong way on flooded roads, causing her to be stranded btwn puddles and in need of @mikegrundy rescue! # Powered by Twitter Tools