Monthly Archives: November 2013

Troy turkey trot was awesome! The course was great, clear and sunny, time of 1:02 (I think a PR!). Also! 20 deg, WAY warmer than forecast.

10 min to start 10k!

supervisor: “did you say VENN or ZEN diagram?” me: “Venn. I like Zen diagrams too – but they’re so ephemeral.” #nobodylaughed #jokesatwork

if you’re carefully monitoring my throat health: today I feel a lot better. exercising still made me wheezy and coughy, but I have 10K hope.

post workout, ‘splaining to @mikegrundy about savasana pose. Him: “if I take a breath it’s bloated corpse pose!” #probablywhereitcamefrom

Sick in bed. Throat rebelling after splinter extraction and subsequent 5.5 mile run in 18 degF. Hope my thanksgiving 10K isn’t blown!

At international arrivals waiting for Rachel: the joyful reunions are almost too much beauty to bear. People! You are so wonderful!

Sleigh Bells! Concert!

Splinter stories #2. The time I had something stuck in my throat/the ENT pulled out a chopstick splinter.

fingers crossed – entered to win Aerostitch Darien Light Pants from @ridepapart……

had a sorta crummy+rainy 5 mile run today but: I totally finished, and @mikegrundy is the very best and brings me dry shirts and hot tea.

Peaches, read this now: 5 Responses to Sexism That Just Make Everything Worse |… via @eruciform

Nothing starts my work day as calmly as rehemming a skirt at my desk. I should always fit in quick crafts.

Y’all it’s snowing. #morningrun

Laid in bed through the sunny morning and had to do my long run in the blustery sprinkles. Not as bad as I feared! 4.5 miles/44:41 min.

Liberty, peaches!

This rainstorm was a strong motivator to get me out and running at 5am. Ahead of it! #dry

First subfreezing run: 3 miles at 26defF, peaches!warm enough except for butt/thighs, which never acclimated. Brrr.

reading up on NYS constitutional ballots for vote tomorrow. You know, if I trusted the state legislature it would be easier to vote on these

swedish meatballs tonight just like gramma used to make. @mikegrundy is a big fan, too. nommish.