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The only problem with knitting socks: once you get one done, you can’t pat yourself on the back – you gotta knit #2.

Last night in Bethel ME. Raining! So we are doing laundry, watching tv, eating all the stuff in the fridge, knitting.

If you’d like to support the lawsuit filed against the Cooper Union Board of Trustees, here you go.…

For those who want to ask me about what’s going on at #cooperunion and are afraid of the answer, well, this happened.…

Hey @harleydavidson, what’s with your dealers being too good to work on a stranded @VictoryBikes with a vacation flat tire?!

I just walked out of the office and assumed my crazed vacation time face. VACATION TIME PEACHES!

Hey that new motorcycle suit looks great in my cubicle after I ride in to work in the morning.

I want to quote too many lines from this article – I have seen all of this, in my career and my sr female bosses too.…

so how badly does team tipgrundzilla need electronic foam fighting swords?… “SABERTRON: HOW IS THIS NOT A THING YET”

May 14th Meeting of Cooper Union Faculty-Student Senate… via @FreeCooperUnion dealing SO adeptly w current horrors

gendered science term request: can we all pls agree to stop saying “daughter products” and instead use the more accurate term DEGRADATION?

I want to listen to a bunch of albums that sound like Bjork’s Telegram. Will you tell me what they are, please?

So: you all can say you’re friends with the kind of girl who tears one ACL in ultimate frisbee and the other ACL in Tae Kwon Do. #jocklife

How to Talk to Your Kids About Michael Sam:

So many frogs.

“The Millionaire Next Door” validates my $850 craigslist car.

That time I thought I’d write this thing again.


Not one to make big declarative statements [who am I kidding I am always one to make big declarative statements] but I thought maybe I could try to post over here every day or so. I mean, I do like having a blog. Even if my mom and I are the only ones who read it. (ONLY VERY SLIGHT exaggeration.)

signed, the queen of good intentions and hyperbole.

Ella Olga Babygoat Torturekitty Murderclaws Tip Grundzilla is helping me work from home today. Sweetiecat!