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Craft night!

Last night was the inaugural local NJ craft night. We’ve been talking about this for, oh, at least 2 years (and probably closer to 3 b/c that’s when I moved to NJ). and FINALLY we got together at my place for some makin’stuff.

I’m really excited! I cast on for the Scoop Neck Vest – you can see another photo here. I am not using the fuzzy yarn because this is something I’d like to wear in the spring, and alpaca is hecka warm. I’m using a cotton-model blend from knitpicks in a very classic KarinaJean color: TURQUOISE. of course, knitpicks calls it “reef.” That’s a much more modern name than TURQUOISE.

I also treated myself when I bought the yarn and purchased the knitpicks interchangeable needles. they are SO SUPER. They’re nickel-plated, and very very fast. I’d picked up some addi turbos recently and fell in love with them, but they are SO EXPENSIVE. these knitpicks needles were super affordable, and they are so great to knit on! and when I say I treated myself, I mean it: I also got a few sets of the nickel-plated double pointed needles too. I’m planning to get rid of a bunch of my old needles. I don’t really need all the odds and ends I’ve picked up over the years.
any bets on how long it will take me to finish this project? Hint: the corn baby? still not complete. (I AM THE WORST FRIEND EVER.) anyway, is anyone on I’m on, as karinajean. obvs.

Running season

This weekend I went to Albany for Easter, and also, for a 4-mile run with Meredith. It went REALLY well – I finished in 42 min. which is 10:30 miles, and way better than I expected considering how i only ran 3x before this run. Man. think of what a great runner I’d be if I really practiced!

A couple of weeks ago a work buddy from Philly asked if I was still interested in the Broad St. Run. and I said “oh, of course I am!” without really considering that it’s going to be on MAY 4th which is a short FIVE WEEKS AWAY and oh also this is a TEN MILE RACE. I am a little more heartened today than I was yesterday, considering that I just ran 4 miles and finished in good form, but still, this is really soon. I hope it works out for me. of course it’s a really good start to the running season, and I really do want to do a bunch of 5 and 10Ks this year – so it will hopefully get me in form Fast and even more hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up.

Of course, if I continue at the same pace I have been (which I should, I think) this means I’ll be running for over 1 1/2 hours. HOLY COW. I will have to add more songs to my running mix. and also get better at drinking water as I run. so much to do before May 4th!

some things I’ve seen lately

Big Ass Fans (TM) at Ikea:big ass fan at ikea

A delicious fish sandwich at a dump diner in Edison NJ

fish sandwich at edison deli

and some seriously risque fabric in the garment district:

Multimedia message

Last week has been pretty darn good!

trains, trains, and trainymobiles

this weekend I had a Big Bunch of Travel. It was excellent.

Saturday went out for the express purpose of buying a Very Expensive Sewing Machine. I can’t wait until it arrives. and then I went to Queens, for a Tol celebration. viva la korean food! viva la friends from college!

then came the trains. are you ready?

  • LIRR to Penn Station, Amtrack to Albany.
  • first leg completed by my sweet brother picking me up at 12:20 AM.
  • Then was the excitement of my hilarious nephew being shocked and thrilled to see me sleeping on the couch in the morning!
  • And then came a lovely birthday breakfast for Meredith!
  • and then came my first exposure to the Wii! According to Wii fitness, I am SEVENTY YEARS OLD. just sayin’.
  • Then came more trains:
  • Albany to NYPenn station, wherein we stopped 20 min. in to the trip in order to sit, dead on the tracks, while a mechanic was summoned because our brakes didn’t work. That’s right – OUR BRAKES. (the guy sitting behind me kept saying: how did we stop then?).
  • oh, and right after we started moving again and I tried to get some tea in my mug [failure due to amtrak’s reluctance to use my reuseable mug], I had to listen to an awfully annoying conversation wherein gentlefolk were discussing how dirty mexico irrigates with sewage even though california was trying to help them out. Wow. I’d hate to see how california helps their RICH ENEMIES.
  • Anyway. I was only 45 min. late to Penn Station.
  • And then I took a subway that didn’t stop where I wanted it to and I had to walk through times square on a sunday afternoon.
  • So I took the bus home, and not the train. because I didn’t want to tempt fate.