Daily Archives: 11/6/2006

my friends are famous!

jesse (of pittsburgh and also corduroy orange) is a celebrity chef! check him out at the pittsburgh post-gazette!

tangential round-about story told by a quote.

Kelly to me this weekend [paraphrased]: “you just used the words ‘mitigate’ and ‘hello kitty’ in a sentence. people don’t do that!”

in response to my story about how, when getting the incredibly cool solio shipped out asap for mariss’ birthday, I told the customer service guy that I had hoped to get the white one and not the pink one b/c I have a pink phone already, and I hoped that the white go-go-dancer effect would mitigate the hello kitty effect. but no white, and no silver, so mariss and I both have black ones and I HEART mine and have shown it off to nearly everyone at work. it is so awesome.