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Geraniums may depress kittehs

Our temporary cat has been eating all out geraniums. He left them alone for months! But has recently discovered them.

He has also been moping around moreso than usual. Even more corners are say in and mewed at.

Thursday I checked Dr Internet and determined that geraniums are toxic to cats – and worse! – a symptom of ingestion is depression. So I called Mike right away and asked him to move all the plants that Book eats to the laundry room. Today he took things a step further: he put up the shelf we’ve had for years and cleaned the room. It’s amazing in there now! These plants will thrive.


Temporary kitty is incorrigible


Temporary Kitty is not supposed to get on the table. Temporary Kitty knows this. Temporary Kitty hops up there anyway, and does whatever he wants. Temporary Kitty wants to play with your pens, and bat them off the table. Temporary Kitty wants you to pick him up and pet him. Temporary Kitty wants to eat your potato chips.

Temporary Kitty wants to denude your spider plants. Temporary Kitty wants to take a nap on your laptop and attack your typing fingers when you’re working.


Temporary Kitty is incorrigible. Temporary Kitty is adorable. Temporary Kitty just sighed real big, like it was the least he could do to put up with my tappa-tappa-tappa. And then he sneezed, and got Temporary Kitty boogers all over my laptop screen.

Um. Ew.

I’m blogging a photo a day for the month of February. You should too! #29in29

Working from Home

Normally Mike will work from home on Wednesdays so he can manage the boys in the late afternoon one day a week. We have an alternating schedule – they are either at our house on Monday-Wednesday-Friday nights for an overnight or they are here for the Wednesday. I can get them a couple of times a week but on weeks when we have them 3x it was becoming disruptive to my job to have to jump up and leave at 4:30 every other day. We schedule all kinds of awkward stuff for Mike to manage when he’s at home, for example our every-two-weeks cleaners come on Wednesdays too.

But today he had to go into NYC for an all-hands work-activity, so I am working from home so I can let the cleaners in and get the boys at around 5PM. He gets home around 630, when we have the little dudes.

And I’m shifting floors to stay out of the way of the cleaner – she did the upstairs bathroom and I worked in the dining room, and now she’s doing the downstairs bathroom, kitchen-dining-room-living-room combo and I’m hiding in the upstairs library.

Book is also hiding:




He is awfully handsome, isn’t he? We think he may be a French Chartreux. Mike’s mom saw a television program about them and told me all about it. It fits – he has the tiniest meow, and he’s a fabulous hunter.

I Love To Do Dishes is back stateside, and I believe she’s figuring out her next steps and living arrangements – so poor melancholy Book, don’t worry. Your Human will come and fetch you soon. Sometime.

The great outdoors

Mister Book loves our screen door. I just heard him GROWLING! he’s going to have the best summer here.


Our Handsome Temporary Space Cat


Book has been practicing his laser eyes.  Don’t worry, ILoveToDoDishes, he’s still on the side of good. FOR NOW.

All he needed was the windows

We found a new spot for Book today. Did a little strategic cleaning and shade-opening, and he discovered the way up to the windows. This ought to keep him busy for about 4 months…

Our temporary kitty

Our temporary kitty came out of hiding for some skritches today. Book is staying with us for 4 months while I Love To Do Dishes is traveling. He is sweet! Mike is a kitty whisperer. Also of note: how excited Book was to see us, and how he cautiously looked for little boys before committing to the room.