Monthly Archives: November 2011

netflix, thanks for suggesting "cool as ice," categorized in "opposites attract romcoms." @mikegrundy will be so happy! # Powered by Twitter Tools

We had a very marker tattoo afternoon after turkey. The family that inks together stays together! # There are also hamsters at our thanksgiving. We give thanks for their cuteness. # Powered by Twitter Tools

follow the free cooper union struggle to take tuition off the table at the brian lehrer show RIGHT NOW! # Sister Sarah is lending us her whole house tonight for sleeping! We are so totally sacked out. # Powered … Continue reading

I think this should be my next motorcycle. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Guess what happened on my ride to work today?

Hey look, I rolled over 15,000 miles today!


Of course it’s probably going to rain all the way home, but TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I bought this motorcycle with 3,111 miles on it – it’s a good sport.

Eight and scored the best impulse buy at the grocery store. And only $2.99! # Powered by Twitter Tools

In #cooperunion great hall with a full crowd of amazing community for open forum. So excited to see participatory community action here. # But…. Nobody puts baby in the corner! Abe Lincoln spoke from this podium! #cooperunion # For … Continue reading

good news! "at this time your estimated time of power restoration is 11/02/11 8PM" …. OH WAIT. @snufkin, maybe DO pack those handwarmers! # the power is back on! got home for cheese, crackers, chili, a beer, and @eruciform livetweeting … Continue reading