Monthly Archives: September 2013

c. 1831 : Woman aged 23, before and after cholera… via @feedly hey @brdgtc is this true? horrors!

smashed my iphone screen today. oops. gonna repair it with a baby blue front instead. #likeaboss #ladyelectronics…

We bought a jar of sake based entirely on the label…Said label now on current work notebook. PS delicious.

Brrr. 42degF motocommute into work today. 35 min. in and I was sitting on my hands to keep them warm. So lovely out, though! #totesworthit

Camping with Tip Grundzilla at Taghkanic Lake State Park. Platform sites for the tents!

Slept in and went for a run without eating and totally bonked. I feel absolutely dopey right now. #moarproteinpls

Library day! demons/angels; fairies, shapeshifters; vampires, werewolves, mummies; magical talking horses.

We’ve got Blondie blasting and the boys’re playing “Magic: The Gathering” together. This IS my beautiful life. #popculturemashup @mikegrundy

I wish it was easier to take pics of the moon. Gorgeous crescent with buddy Venus to the right.

Having a blast at Ringwood Manor!

Amazing day: black belt class, parade watched fm my driveway, and a brilliant 140 mile ride to eat (lunch AND ice cream) w lovely friends.

So good: alum, student, and faculty explain the Cooper Union tuition crisis.…

Payday! Time to balance the checkbook! (I’m the last person on earth to do that besides your grannies, aren’t I?)

I live in a place with wackadoo things.

Brrrrzy morning monologue: oh, wow, it’s 55degF in the house. *shuts windows* OH GEEZ IT’S 44 degF OUTSIDE! #summerihardlyknewyou

most of our Assateague 2013 pics are up – 60 pics taken w film fm 1994! what a treat to use a film camera again!

Ha, it worked! Humidity dropped to 90% and temps dropped to 60degF, and I added a smooth 1/2 mile to my run at pace no prob. Hey @dlightful!

We, the Miley…

In case you’re still conflicted about Robin Thickes role in the VMAs, or, you’re just up for a good parody video:…

“no matter how grown teens act, it’s the responsibility of teachers and adults to remind us that we’re not adults”…