Monthly Archives: January 2008

Cocktail party

I had a brilliant idea to have a cocktail party after New Years. You know, after the rush and the crazyness. The ultimate goal was because I wanted to start the New Year with a clean apartment, and if people were coming over I would HAVE TO have a clean house.

And it was really wonderful. I love my friends so I mention this only as a point of humor: people show up whenever they want and leave whenever they want these days, and don’t follow cocktail party protocol. I’m glad they stayed so late. But it was funny that some people who DID show up at 7 and left at 9 felt like they were doing something wrong. You were right, friends! entirely right!
I served dark and stormy’s and there were unicorn tattoos for the taking:

digicam 573

The party concept of Clean House worked, to a point. I did a lot of heavy duty cleaning and tossing beforehand. I packed up a full car-load-worth of stuff to donate, and I invited my friends to pick up a box of books and other sundries to take what they would. And people did! Which was great. I also asked people to bring recyclables with them for me to dispose of properly, and while I didn’t get a lot of stuff, I did get some weird things that I am happy to take care of.

digicam 569But after the party, the concept of Clean House didn’t work at all. It took a couple of weeks before I finished cleaning up all the dishes. It took longer than that to put up all the dishes that were on the dining room table. And I haven’t been able to maintain the swept floors of my dreams. At least there’s always room for improvement in my life, I guess?