Daily Archives: 11/22/2006

am thankful for…

  • family
  • friends
  • being crafty
  • civil liberties
  • friends
  • a job that values me and mentors me
  • good health
  • family
  • crafty family tradition
  • my body doing what I ask of it
  • competent and downright brilliant coworkers
  • healthy family and friends
  • the luxury of affording my flash hybrid insight
  • the luxury of not worrying about affording dinner
  • my lifestyle
  • the internets to facilitate my friendly relationships
  • making skirts, complete with zippers
  • my new swank boots
  • books and sardines
  • my nephews
  • being able to take time off of work
  • fountain pens
  • the luxury to buy carbon neutrality
  • being totally dorky and surrounded by people who don’t mind (and actually secretly love it)
  • etc.etc.etc.

fabric warehouse

I didn’t mention in my earlier post that there is a whole bunch of tassels etc. at the fabric warehouse. I joked to kathleen that I would go there for ALL of my tassel needs, but after thinking about tassels a little more, I DO have tassel needs. perhaps more significant than the next person. the joke is on me!

fuzzyfez1 Yay!

anyway, while I’ve got this wee post about fabric stores, here is the short list of what I’m going to think about buying (like the wording on that statement?) at joann’s over thanksgiving weekend:

  • pinking shears
  • cutting mat
  • patterns (vogue and mccalls on sale)
  • cordory or broadcloth
  • potentially a cocktail dress fabric
  • dress form, if the one that is on sale for 80 bucks is actually adjustible enough to handle my very large personage

There’s a cutting table for sale too, but I’d better not get too crazy. I have a hard enough time fitting everything that is currently in my apartment into my apartment! a cutting table would be a DREAM but for the amount that I sew, the floor will suffice.

more CO2 savings

I’ve decided to take the slate-treehugger challenge as an example of how much CO2 I’m saving over the theoretical me who doesn’t have to wait for her living room CFL bulbs to warm up when she gets home at night. this week was electricity, and I have saved 1178 by checking off all the things that I’ve already done. sigh. it doesn’t matter, either, b/c I have windpowered my home.

and for what it’s worth, it’s totally great to replace all your incandecents with CFL. even if they do take a while to warm up and even if they are more expensive and even if you do need to take them to a special disposal place b/c of the mercury content. Totally worth it.