Monthly Archives: December 2010


In pretty sure Eleven is on the verge of puberty: he’s always super moody and he just ate 1 chalupa, 3 soft tacos, and 1 cheesy roll up.

Tip Grundzilla on the road to Ohio via Pittsburgh!

jiminy. 2 hrs later and my new iphone is finally ready to use. had to upgrade the os, restore old iphone’s files, and sync sync sync.

argh new iphonage! am now backing up the old one (with the requisite weekly itunes update) so I can xfer all my goodies over. nerves. huge.

whoa it’s windy out – making a whistle I’ve never heard before and the drifts up over my knees walking up our previously-shoveled steps.

Managed to get the train(s) into NYC but was so delayed we missed the circus. Had Korean BBQ and boys loved it though! Everyone a good egg.

ok, wrangled some critical work tasks, now taking a break to hit the driveway. with a shovel. and elbow grease. which is not that melty.

Snow, dudes. Not sure how much yet as we haven’t started shoveling out.

now that we’re home safe, the new thing to worry on is this: can we get the boys through the snow to the circus tomorrow night?

frustration! trying to order fm either att OR apple store, but neither will ship it overnight or 2-day to me! snowstorm precludes mall trip!

now placing an order for new iphone 4, bc trusty iphone 3G giving up ghosts. bittersweet, but @mikegrundy excited to get 3G as a fancy ipod!

made it home in 4hrs instead of 2, we DID park at the bottom of the driveway and walk up. the kids are rockstars in the car on snowy roads!

Driving home fm Xmas in Grafton and the road just got bad at Catskill. 45 more miles to go and I bet we’ll be walking up our hilly driveway.

Turns out my phone is really broken in the “no signal detected” manner. I was eager for iPhone 4 but now that I must am having 2nd thoughts!

Here is last nights Julia Childs boeuff bourguinon. Thanks @fleishers for the beefiest beef!

We made beef bourgenion for dinner and it was so amazing we conked out on the couch…Only to wake at 1am for a solid 3hrs of wrapping. Eek!

trying to come to terms with ugly truth that little dudes will not get their xmas hats on xmas. should I wrap the yarn or finish and give?

day off! worked a couple of hours anyway, then half-heartedly cleaned up and read a whole book. tonight: door knob buying and hat knitting.

on the other hand, I haven’t even started the xmas hats for Seven or Eleven (and especially not for @mikegrundy). #successishard