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backyard camped at Joe Boo's in NH this weekend. last night coyotes and thunderstorms were noisy! but happily little dudes slept thru all. # Powered by Twitter Tools

this article about a mom denied a medically necessary abortion while she hemorrhaged for hours just *horrifies* me. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Tip Grundzilla goes to the circus


It’s intermission at the big apple circus and the show is just BRILLIANT. Totally silly, and I don’t know who is laughing harder: Mike or Twelve!

In our home if it's not done no blame but an assurance of flakiness. RT @nytimesstyle: Who Writes Your Thank-You Notes? # Powered by Twitter Tools

want to rebut coworker: ER visits aren't always instead of primary care, often advice of doc! #eavesdroppersneverwin # Powered by Twitter Tools

Dirt in my bars

I pulled the bike out this morning to rode to work and as the thumper shook the spiders out if their hiding places (and I carefully picked them out and placed them on nearby trees) I noticed something:


Hey, is that DIRT in my bars?!

And then I remembered how we got home so late from our trip a week ago, and I slowly pulled into our driveway, and then stopped short, and then tipped over. I landed on the grass next to the driveway and was totally fine, and for some reason I never thought to check the bike.

It feels like decades since I've been in the office! # Powered by Twitter Tools

Strange Brew and Easter Bunnies

Mister Seven and I are at home tonight while Mike and Twelve are at scouts. I asked Seven what he wanted to do tonight and he chose watching Strange Brew until bedtime.


And what could go better with a movie than a chocolate bunny from Easter? (you have no idea how hard it was to not eat the bunnies.)

(and also, both Seven and Twelve love Strange Brew! It’s one of the most hilarious things about them.)

home from the longest most coldest baseball game ever. it killed all will to complete sunday chores. #mondaywillbeamess # Powered by Twitter Tools

On our way to family bday party – they're so sweet and quiet when they're asleep: # Powered by Twitter Tools

.@Delta charges $50 to move up to the 3pm flight- last time I didn't do it either and the 4pm flight was overbooked! What cost vouchers? # Oh the exquisite stress of the empty seat next to me as airplane … Continue reading

aw, I'm not used to being the one who is traveling for work (and an hour behind). usually *I* am dozing off while talking to @mikegrundy! # I have 7 pages of notes fm my sustainable remediation conf today with … Continue reading

today was family physical day at the drs apparently – not only did @mikegrundy and I both have one this AM but I also ran into his mom! # decided on the train! and will just have to catch up … Continue reading

The great outdoors

Mister Book loves our screen door. I just heard him GROWLING! he’s going to have the best summer here.


aw, I'm going to miss 12s band concert this week because I'm traveling for a conference. #badsteppers # impulse shopping at whole foods: 2 chocolate bars, dark choc covered salted caramels, and unsweet kefir. I'm eating 1/2 of haul for … Continue reading

I procrastinated bedtime last night by looking at zillions of productivity blogs re: best way to make an effective to-do list. #postvacafail # Powered by Twitter Tools

guess after our push home last night @mikegrundy and I needed a break – slept until 11AM, moved v. slowly the rest of the day. bedtime now! # Powered by Twitter Tools

Up early to finish packing, eat remainder of food, and start our ride north. Big question: start out in rain gear? #uglysideofmotorcycling # so it's no iron butt, but we did accidentally ride the whole way home today (~390 mi … Continue reading

Today is goof-off day before we head home. This vacation has been amazing. @mikegrundy, Rick, and Janice are super fun. And! Motorcycles! # Powered by Twitter Tools

We just saw a bear crossing the road! (on the north end of the skyline drive.) # And also after filling up I got 80 mpg on the skyline drive! Whoa! Going slow and steady clearly helps. # Powered by … Continue reading