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I am so tired today. I got the week off to a bad start, I stayed up late on sunday working on my presentation for the water and environment association meeting session that I’m giving next week. I had to deliver it today at work – it’s one of my annual goals. So I was up past my bedtime on sunday, and then up early on monday because my sweet brother calls me sometimes before he gets to work (which is plain old 6:45 AM for me) and it throws me off sometimes to wake up like that. Don’t get me wrong – I love talking to him and have assured him that it’s ok. but YAWN.

last night were two late doctors appts. I didn’t get home until 10ish. I meant to get straight into bed but that was too hard to do, and I ended up staying up until almost 12. SAD. I fell asleep while on the phone with the mister. Today has been gruesome and brutally hard. Tonight I am going home, doing laundry, and then it’s early to bed with me. for sure.

csa information

fyi, in case anyone is interested, here are the NJ csa links I put together last april when I was looking for a veggie home.

here’s the blog of my current farmer

two good listings of organic farmers:

in NJ (it IS the garden state!):
roadside markets
community farmers markets
and pick your own

and the robyn van en center for csa: featuring a national search. another search at local harvest.

and for NYC residents, just food

I could be a millionaire!

I just found out that over the course of my lifetime I might make 1.2 million dollars less than my male counterparts.

Seriously, the list over at mother jones is very chilling. I went around the office and said to the ladies: “I may be getting all radical feminist on you here, but did you know…”

here are a few of my favorites (a dubious honor):

  • For full-time working fathers, each child correlates to a 2.1% earnings increase. For working moms, it’s a 2.5% loss.
  • Women make 80¢ on the male dollar, even accounting for time off to raise kids. If that factor is not accounted for, women make 56¢.
  • Over her career, the average working woman loses $1.2 million to wage inequity.
  • Since 1963, when the Equal Pay Act was signed, the wage gap has closed by less than half a cent per year.
  • Magazines that run lists of “best” firms for women to work for often accept pay-to-play advertising or use self-reported data. Working Mother lists firms facing class-action suits for sex harassment and pregnancy discrimination.
  • Women over 65 are almost twice as likely to be poor as men.
  • Actresses over 40 account for 9% of movie roles. Actors over 40 account for 30%.
  • Chances that a Best Actress winner portrayed a prostitute, a nun, or a mute: 1 in 8.
  • 69% of men believe America would be better off if women occupied more top political jobs. Only 61% of women agree.
  • Among Republicans, that split is 52% to 34%.

These statistics really run the gamut of economic, social, and cultural inequalities. it’s amazing. a friend of mine mentioned hearing on the news (BBC or something) that we need to start couching these inequalities in terms of marriage: if a man finds out that his wife will end up losing 1.2 million dollars, that impacts his household, and himself, directly. if that’s what it takes to effect change, then so be it. y’all ALL could be millionaires!

bento boxes

man, but bento boxes are awesome.

after stumbling upon the incredible vegan lunch box blog and moving from there to the bento moblog, I found myself in my local japanese dollar store buying a bento box of my own. and, of course, a matching fork and spoon.

here is my first lunch in the bento box:
not shown is the salad on the side. I’m trying to bring the veggies back into my diet.

and speaking of diet, I’m slimming. it’s nuts but since I moved to NJ I gained over 10 lbs. Since January 2005 I have gained 20 lbs. And on top of that is the 10 or so lbs I gained since my knee broke and I couldn’t go running anymore. So I am definately interested in getting rid of all of that! Plus, I have to do it for my heart.

knitting olympics!

a friend of mine pointed out the the knitting olympics. how fun! it is wildly tempting to do, but I have to admit that I’m bad at knitting on a deadline. Plus, I don’t really have a functional tv on which to watch the olympics, and that might be key to maximize knitting time.

but if I WERE going to do it, I might actually go ahead and knit the sitcom chic cardigan. I bought the yarn, I just have to get down to it, pretty much.

In other knitting news, I’ve been knitting socks and they’re coming out BEAUTIFULLY. and don’t think these are new socks, I started them just under a year ago and am still chugging away. I set them aside for a long time, and in my move I lost the directions (which I’d customized to my own, long and skinny feet), but have since found them and bring them with me to physical therapy. I’m on the ribbing of the 2nd sock and I HATE 1×1 ribbing, by the way, it definitely is horrible and tedious and time consuming. I can’t WAIT until I finish it and can zip around and around in stockinette.


So, this page is not the clearest, but according to it, 59% of people who took the CE exam for the first time passed. Wow. I don’t know, I thought it would be higher, y’know? Yikes. Again, I am SO VERY GLAD that I’m not worried about that anymore. sheesh!

and Boy, I hope my buddies and girlfriends did ok/find out soon/etc.



Check me out, I won the PE!

I am SO THRILLED. So happy I don’t have to take it again, proud and accomplished and excited. After my not sure what to think reaction to the test, my historically gruesome gpa and college test performances, and my almost last minute freakout, it’s so satisfying to have it OVER and DONE WITH.

I can’t wait to get a stamp and to emboss all my holiday cards. Whoot!

(of course, more practically, this is a REALLY REALLY GOOD THING professionally. It leads to a bonus and perhaps a salary increase and a KarinaJean, P.E. business card, and puts me solidly on the project management track. and I think I might be the only lady PE in the north regional offices of MyCompany! and even more practically, how the HECK did I pull this off when I read 14 books the month before the exam?! Interrobang!

December 2005 Books

The grand finale of all the books I read this year. 96!*** I almost made it to 100! Bet I would have, if I hadn’t started watching DVDs in December.

88. A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie
89. Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie
90. The Mystery of the Blue Train by Agatha Christie
91. Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie
92. There is a Tide by Agatha Christie
93. The Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie
94. To Ride Pegasus by Anne McCaffery
95. Pegasus in Flight by Anne McCaffery
96. The Rowan by Anne McCaffery

All of these books were books given to me by my mom or dad and that I wanted to read before donating.

You can access the full set of book lists here I updated with my full 2005 reading list b/c someone said the tag line of my journal (crafts, books, fish sandwiches, and other shiny things) and I realized that heck. I haven’t updated books very frequently. or crafts. but I’ll get to that…

*** edited – this should be a grand total of 97, because I just realized I hadn’t listed a book I read in March 2005. Affluenza: an all consuming epidemic by John de Graaf et. al. [[12/26/06]]