Monthly Archives: October 2010

brrr! I’m glad it’s november tomorrow. I’m tired of cold noses and homes in the 50degrees.

party clean up almost done, I’m on #1 of 4 loads of laundry, 11 is at urgent care with @mikegrundy for football injury, and 7 is napping.

oh heck. it occurs to me that this costume isn’t working out today – I am at t -1 hour, 85% more LEDs to sew, and apparently I’m shorting

aaaah party starts at 4 and we are just finishing up cleaning! and I have so many LEDs to sew onto my costume! aaaaah!

Fruits of my labor last night. I *guess* it’s lucky that I missed Luke and Jacks cupcake years… Or is it?

Programming done, now just have to get this into my outfit. And some other stuff. Excellent.

making cupcakes for office bake sale, when I should be learning how to program accelerometers for the lilypad and sewing my circuits!

my new eye doctor told me I had excellent binocularity, and then cracked up when I told her that ophthalmology had the BEST terms.

Wow! RT @NYstateparks 112,000 Palisades Pk wooded acres offset yrly carbon ftprint of 1/2 cars on Palisades Pkwy everyday

We thought we were in for insulation, furnace, and water heater. Please add a whole new roof to that! #goodthingweloveourhouse

RT @FakeAPStylebook Reporting on your own superheroic activity while in your secret identity as a reporter is an ethics violation, MR. KENT.

spent a couple of hours figuring out the lilypad arduino. good news: my costume will be awesome. bad news: when I finish it around january.

sleep at 9:30/up at 5 wasn’t so easy this week. gotta be better at that or I’ll be a sleepy kitten.

how I cook, via @mikegrundy: “you follow the recipe, then you say no way! downshift a coupla gears & speed off thru traffic. DELICOUS.”

we are cleaning house: the parts we are done with look phenomenal. unfortunately for @mikegrundy and myself there are lots of other parts.

I love these – and I love that this year ladies spats are so “in!” RT @craftivista RT @craft Tatted Ankle Corsets

we had so much fun last night at cooper union art auction and casino night! and I love the art we won! only regret we had to dash for train.

RT @nycresistor How to draw an owl

Look what I made! With a LASER! #firethelazzzor

Wow, I am so cold right now-afraid @mikegrundy and I may have to reevaluate our Nov heat-on goal. 56deg is chilly when you’re sitting still!