Monthly Archives: February 2015

Traveling to a conference so did a homemade 30 min hotel room workout all @NerdFitness

And I left for work an hour ago. BRR. So cold the exhaust from everyone’s fuel oil heat dieseled up the air!

Some days you win the snow jackpot. The few inches from yesterday was vortexed away by high winds.

Eye makeup/hair pic for my sis and fav Mary Kay lady who’s on day 2 of trying to get chemo in snowy Boston.

At hair length where my cowlicks having a field day. I KNEW there was something up with the back of my head.

Ella found a deer bedded down outside our house. He looks nervous: “the forest is way different in daytime.”

Someone is excited I’m home early.

Today I win shoveling. (@mikegrundy helped, as did the fact that our 10″ of snow was light and fluffy.)

Oh, this cat. She is so weird tonight – I think it’s the weather? But I think she’s finally settling in.