Monthly Archives: February 2004

Internet stalking and orange felt

So sometimes I do a little internet stalking, you know, trying to keep tabs on my name and where it’s getting. It’s a morbid kind of fascination, to plug your real name or your internet alias or a nickname into a search engine and see what comes out. There’s some records with my real name up on the interweb from different schools I’ve attended, or jobs I’ve worked at, and there’s a couple of searches that lead you here.

Someone keeps finding my site by searching for “pixelicious!” But you know, my handspring flaked out hardcore just when I started to think about taking more pictures. And even though the mister gave me his handspring, which he apparently not taking full advantage of in its wonderfulness, well, I just haven’t gotten out the eyecam. So sorry, pixelicious-searching-dude. I don’t have what you’re looking for. Maybe one day I’ll be pixelicious again, but now, well, I’m just not.

And apparently, if you do a msn search for k a r i I’m number 316. sweet. Another weird thing! Person who looked through 316 webpages before you found mine, was I who you were looking for?

So last entry I raved about I just found out they’re CHARGING. Man. I just snuck in on the tail end of that free service! I didn’t pay for my font, and now that they’re charging I’m not going to go beef up my old one. I’ll just stick with it as it is, and write everything VERY LARGE in points greater than 26.

I started cutting out the orange felt for my sparkly skirt. I am having a hard time, because while I do have a nice a-line skirt to follow it’s kind of tough getting the felt to hang the way I want it to. Plus, when I pin it together inside out and slip it on the pinned edges stick straight out and it’s hard to see what it looks like. I’m excited about it anyway, though, because it’s going to be nice and stiff and I’ve got some snap tape to fasten it with. It’ll be really cool if I ever get it cut right. I saw a classmate wearing a very sweet skirt that changed every preconception I had about what I was going to make out of the orange felt: her skirt was longer, non-orange, and had the coolest pockets I’ve ever seen. I might have to try to make up the orange skirt like that.

February is turning out to be a very busy month. I wanted to clean out one box/bag/flat surface in my room each week but I haven’t done that for quite some time. It’s a shame, really. I have so many good intentions and instead I’m going to musical concerts and field trips to brownfield sites and having out of town guests and looking forward to parties and fun at the end of the month. And now I’m working very late on some homework, and I have an interview tomorrow. Because, you know, I’m graduating. In May. And my new motto is non-student loan debt free in 2005! So I actually have to get a steady source of income, and you know, practice my trade.


Some vignettes, to keep you busy while I keep on with the good work (and by good work I mean my edumacation):

A Haiku for a fine fellow:

Who’s the host with the

most? It’s John, who will set out

fresh towels for you.

Story from the streets of Pittsburgh.

It’s very very icy here. It snowed and snowed and snowed, and then it melted and rained and melted and snowed and melted. So where there was once 8 or so inches of snow there is now a slippery wet slab of ice. And we didn’t have a shovel, so our walk is a slippery wet slab of ice.

Today it was weird and warm and rainy and snowy and melty. And, Michelle just bought a shovel. So I thought I’d take advantage of my late morning today and hit the steps, shoveling them off so the ice would really vanish by tonight. I opened the front door and thought “I didn’t THINK it had snowed that much…�? and then UpstairsNeighbor spoke to me from the sidewalk, asking me not to shovel the from steps or the walk because snow would be better to walk on than ice and in fact she had just tossed all that new snow onto the steps. Goodness! Now, we’ve kind of had this conversation before, and I kind of didn’t know what to say. But when I got home tonight and the steps were icy and treacherous I went ahead and shoveled half of them and left a note essentially saying that with my bad knee and ankle I need a flatter slippery surface to walk on and if she’d like I would only shovel half the steps.

Another story from my street: there might be a water leak under it. There was a river going down the hill. It’s winter, and Pittsburgh apparently has the most freeze/thaw cycles of any other place in the country. Maybe. Apparently I also have a bad habit of over exaggerating statistics. And by exaggerating them, I mean making them up.

An email I got recently:

“I just searched in Google for apartment in nyc tiger and found ranked 26. I have a related website about Real Estate – General that’s purely informational (so I’m NOT a competitor of yours) and I’d like to link to your site.

I consider my site to be one of the best resources for this type of information. I get a decent amount of visitors to it so if I link to you, your site should get some decent traffic from it.

I only link to good quality sites… I think you’ll find my site to be high quality as well. In exchange, I would ask that you also link to my site. I’ve already linked to you and will keep it there for a few days until I hear from you. Please let me know asap if you’re interested and i’ll send you my information.

It sounds cool, no? But I did a google search and I got nothing. Not even number 36 was me. Wouldn’t it be neat if I were affiliated with nyc tigers in apartments? Sorry to disappoint, kids. I’m not.

Incidentally, I did a google search for karinajean and my pataki letter popped up. Not the journal entry, but the actual letter file. I wonder how those crazy websearching robots find this stuff?

Stories that aren’t mine from the streets of New York:

The Mister tells me of some weird things going on downtown in the big apple.

As in: the man who pulls up, pulls a stack of boxes out of his car and waits. Someone leaves the building and gets into his car and drives away without saying a word. Dude checks the gun he’s carrying in his pocket, picks up his stack of boxes, and enters the building.

Or how about the fellow the Mister was chatting with outside who suddenly walks away, embraces a woman, and then leaves the plaza in an opposite direction from her?

I sat in his plaza once. I read a little book, took my shoe off and fixed my ankle brace. Not so weird apparently.

I’ve been knitting the Misters xmas present and it’s going very well once I get a chance to sit down and knit. I also have made tremendous use of my yarn ball winder and the yarn swift my mom gave me over xmas. It makes a huge difference, before I’d hang the skein of yarn around my neck and wind loops off, throw them on the floor with some semblance of order, and then stop and turn the yarn ball crank. It worked but took forEVER. The swift is an incredible quality of life addition to my fiber arts.

Mmm, that’s all. I have some homework to do. It’s Fun! Glamorous! Exciting! At least it ought to be when I’m done and I can tell stories about how I walked uphill both ways to school drop off my math homework.

But before I go, I love fontifier.