Monthly Archives: October 2013

Walked in from work in my button down shirt and logoed fleece and Ten said “you’re wearing a uniform! For the first time!” #corporateduds

Buttons subject to change/zomg/I made a sweater!

Sweater accomplishment unlocked!

Although Cooper fatigued I know @mikegrundy supports a @FreeCooperUnion BC he walks out the door with a “make sure to see the #banksy.”

Remarkable – #banksy @FreeCooperUnion street art.…

Jiminy Peak with the fam.

Guys. GUYS. I totally personal bested with my 2.61 mi run this morning — 9:55 min/mi pace overall. So excited!

Best thing about my dark o’clock run this morning was heading towards the Big Dipper, which was on its end and stuck into the horizon.

eeps, just signed up for the Troy Turkey Trot 10K. TIME TO START RUNNING.…

Oktoberfest at Rick+Janice’s tonight! We all made enough German dishes- it was like being at a restaurant.… “… a perk of gender-equalizing work-family reconciliation policies: they combat skeeviness.’”

Y’all if I can do this you can too. And I can do this. So do it too: The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons

Neko Case – “Man” is kind of my new anthem this week. #ladyengineer #nofeelsatwork

Hey old school glitterati – marble magnets are new again! but nothing about that nasty E4000 glue…… via @Photojojo

Cooper Union Update: n+1: You Can’t Just End an Era… via @nplusonemag and by @literaryanimal.

Look, jerks: just because the fed govt is shut down you don’t have to forget how to drive during morning commute. Plus: STATE HWY! Puhleez.