Monthly Archives: December 2003

So, I hear I haven’t updated for a while.

Right, so, a couple of people have pointed out to me that I haven’t updated for a while. Yeah, I know. It’s not the way Pittsburgh was supposed to work out for me. I was supposed to have lots of time for updating, and also for overhauling my crappy ‘making web page using Word because it’s free and easy to figure out’ system. Word is just fine if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and an easy connection to the interweb. When you’re sans modem/hookup, and not so eager to sit at the computer at home after trying to do school work all day it’s a little bit harder. Excuses, I know. I try hard to make have excuses but there you go. I slipped.

Anyway, in the spirit of excuses, you may be interested in some things that have happened to me.

* I fell down and hurt myself. So I’m always taking my time getting around, you know, walking slowly and trying to be accommodating to other people’s schedule so I get rides.

* I have become a knitting fiend. It seems to happen every fall around this time of year, I guess. It’s good, I finally finished my xmas presents from last year and started up on this year’s presents – which are going very well. I wish I could post pictures of them! But I can’t, because IT’S NOT CHRISTMAS YET. I’d spoil the surprise.

* I’ve been doing lots of schoolwork. Probably not as much as I should be doing, but working nonetheless.

These don’t sound like good excuses when I try to list them. Whatever. Excuses never sound good. It might not be the easiest way to get through life but I really do try not to make them unless they’re really a good reason. “Make excuses” sounds like a cop-out anyway. People may look at me funny when I don’t actually explain why x, y, or z did or didn’t happen, but that’s OK by me.

Oh, so there’s one picture of my knitting I can show you. It was my selfish making-something-for-myself-instead-of-working-on-either-other-presents-or-homework hat. So I worked hard on it, and quickly, and used up some of my stash yarn from a very old ebay purchase and when I finished I realized that it was way too small for me. I thought I was making an adult medium which would be marginally too small as it were for my massively large head, and through yarn substitutions and needle substitutions (I never seem to have the right tools around when I want them) it ended up being a probable child’s medium. So I have a present completed for my cutie pants nephew, I guess:

oh, heck. My handspring isn’t working. It works just fine when it’s on the charger but not at all when it’s not. Heck heck heck. So no digital pictures for a while. Heck. I wonder if I can track down a new handspring visor edge battery for cheap/free? Heck.

And speaking of snow, there’s a wonderful nor’easter that barely hit us. We only got around 6 inches of snow or so, probably less. I think the east coast got dumped! That’s so great. I love bad weather. We had a little moment when we weren’t sure if we could get out of the driveway and then down the scary lane with the miracle bamboo that just hasn’t died yet, even though it’s been so cold, and even though it’s thoroughly weighted down with snow right now and drooping far over the driveway. But we did. And then I nearly got the car stuck outside of school when I parked in an extra slopey and slushy parking space but I just left it there and trusted I’d get unstuck when I got back, and I did. Maybe the ice firmed up enough to provide some traction for me. Last night I thought I’d go over to a classmates house to watch the neighborhood Christmas parade, but after braving the roads to get some taco bell (no plowing, extra slipping) and realizing my new insurance card hadn’t come in the mail yet I decided to stay at home with the box wine, taco bell, and some Friday night TV.

So I’m trying to update a little. There’s a couple of new entries up that I haven’t put up in a timely fashion. Heads up, anything after July that isn’t from 10/1 is a secret update that I haven’t been very forthcoming with. So’s you know