Daily Archives: 11/8/2006


not only did my favorite attorney general get himself elected to the governors spot in NYS, but also, Whiz Bang! check out the number of house seats that the democrats won! I am so excited!
I feel like America has been ruled by the politics of fear for so long, and that this election is America standing out, sticking out her chin, bucking up, and MOVING THE HECK ON. saying “enough of this! you’ve scared and bullied me long enough. onwards and upwards!” America, I am so excited for you. YAY.

[[and tangentially, now Nancy Pelosi will be closer than any woman has been to the presidency! Not that I’d wish any harm on GWB JOHN ASHCROFT I’M LOOKING AT YOU, DON’T GET ANY IDEAS but it is pretty darn exciting.]]

EDIT! Rumsfeld Resigns! what an exciting mid-term election! see, everyone? voting is AWESOME! you get to feel totally invested in the process and it’s results!

EDIT AGAIN! I feel like running around the office yelling “the emperor has no clothes! the emperor has no clothes! this is SO exciting.