Monthly Archives: April 2013

That time you’ve got a big get out the vote thing planned and you get poison ivy on your eye. #freecooperunion

Latest from Salmon includes a HIGHLY UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT from the 12/12 Board meeting. Fairly huge. #cooperunion…

Today: ran 5K, planted perennials, yard work, got the motorcycle to start (YAY!), and made dinner w @mikegrundy. Am now officially pooped.

This weeks 5K: 32:53. Was totally beat by my little brother who never ever runs – his time was 31:12! Imagine if we actually practiced?

This. Cooper Union, what in the sam hill is going on?…

amazing glimpse of what cooper union was and what it may become w tuition.…

“If you donate to the school the inflation of tuition will stop.” – Mark Epstein, the guy who blames alum but won’t invite us to his conf.

JUST IN article on tuition being charged for the first time in the history of Cooper Union.…

RIP #cooperunion

cooper peeps for livetweets follow @cooperuniontaskforce and @FreeCooperUnion

Cooper Union Board voted LAST WEEK to “reduce scholarships” by 50%. So sad, #cooperunion.

None of the gas stations have plain seltzer for me to drink. Some kinda road trip THIS is.

Getting ready for career day. Worried I’m too hip to represent lady engineers to 3 to 5th graders. #notthathip

Hoped I could squeeze an hr of my day to get the motorcycle on the road then… My box of perennials arrived. #livingthingstrump #planting

Sooo glad I had a blanket in the car last night. Baseball was freezing. #perspective #manhands

Nine’s knitting station – living room floor, friends and yarn ballz.

Such a great page with demonstrable horrors of monogender.

“NPR’s @petersagal on his #BostonMarathon experience & the 2 choice words he’d say to those behind the attack:”

What does being a sprinter, a gulper, and a heart-attack snow shoveler say about me? I rush towards goals? I run screaming through life?

pleased to report @badmachinery gets all the girl chat always exactly right, and especially so here.… Nicely done!