Monthly Archives: June 2014

ACL surgery lessons: recognizing limits, choosing to go slower, and resetting expectations. I’m recovering well but the brain stuff is hard.

Oh my gosh, we have a tray. And. @mikegrundy brought me breakfast on it. <3

I keep trying for a good pic of back-of-knee bruising (9 days post surgery) but you are lucky, it’s unphotographable

Dinner date. I probably could sit at the table for dinner, but then we’d have to clear it off.

Glamor kitty. Ella Olga Babygoat Torturekitty Murderclaws, right after a sweet lap interlude ended by swipe of claws.

Knee doc appt: stitches out, celebrating with a new ukulele and bending my leg so I can ride home in the front seat!

took off surgical support stocking to inspect my leg and it is SO bruised. feeling a little more positive abt how incredibly sore it is.

5am brought another relocation to recliner and sensation back in my knee/quad. Ow. Leg feels SO swollen, even tho it’s just a little puffed.

It’s a sweet luxury to have @mikegrundy home caring for me PLUS he also brings me lap breakfast w accidental hearts.

Day 1 post-op brings 5AM maybe I need percoset/maybe it’s recliner time blues. Sweet @mikegrundy relocates us. <3

On my way home from a super successful, super fast surgery. No surprises except how long I slept in recovery!

Got a zillion things to do at work/prep for ACL surgery tomorrow but all I want is to go to Robbie’s Music Superstore and buy a $20 ukulele.

Found this fashionable beardo sleeping on the couch today.

This is a rock elm, w a double toothed leaf margin which means THE TEETH HAVE TEETH ON THEM.…

Patio burgers and beers. Y’all think the rest if Montgomery knows about this?

Sat. AM assignment: y’all check for city/time to see @IvoryTowerFilm / if you can’t find one, request a showing. GO:

NYC premiere of @IvoryTowerFilm w Q/A. 1. Everyone watch this film, not just bc 2. I love my Cooper Union peeps.

We did so much yardwork today. Sadly our yard really needs before pics to make the after pics look good, so no pics for you.

Black belt tests today!