Monthly Archives: September 2015

That time the super moon slipped into the earths’ shadow just as a coyote in our yard screeched looking for its’ buddies, who whooped back.

Thought I’d be the only nut out running at 530 AM but I was 1 of 4. I was the most reflective, though. #safetynerd and! 2 mi at 8:40 pace!!!

So brilliant this happened yesterday. Thank you friends! RT @essl: FREE SCHOOL TOWARDS FREE SOCIETY and GOLF BALLS

my cat too I’m positive #murderclaws RT @FaithErinHicks: She acts like she doesn’t like it but she does, she loves it

Working from home means bratwurst and brownies for breakfast. #sorrynotsorry

that magic moment when it’s cooler outside than it is inside, you open all the doors and windows, and the house temperature starts to drop.

Tonight Ella is proving she’s a brilliant and generous mouser by bringing me 2 live mice to catch and take outside. So far. #only3AM

There is no better treat than just-made (hot) sweet tea poured over a full glass of ice.

serious question: do I have to start wrestling to wear a wrestling singlet? for real, because of THIS:…

Kitty and I have all of our feet on the table.

WOW WHAT A ROSY HEADLINE. but @dailyorange, what about all the stuff that the NYS AG says the ENGINEERING DEAN did?…

…. thinking about writing a piece called “things I learned about bad relationships while fighting for a Free Cooper Union.”

I keep rereading OAG rpt re: Cooper Union. us fighters knew details! but were thoroughly gaslighted for 4 yrs+. to read as FACTS…manyfeels

Terrible bedtime reading – OAG rpt on The Cooper Union squandering legacy will keep you up. (#Readitanyway)…

For real, please do read this article. It’s great. Also links to cross-petition from AG. The tragedy of Cooper Union…

Love this article, love that it quotes @essl and refers to @CooperAlumni and “scathing report” from AG.…

That time *everyone* agreed formally that we will work back to a free cooper union and husband + cat are literally chasing a moth together.

“@bradhoylman: Thank you @AGSchneiderman & @FreeCooperUnion for ensuring @cooperunion will put students first”

Can’t describe how it felt to hear fm AGs office the catalog of messed up stuff we lived for 4 yrs. And then Cooper “a national treasure!”

So proud, so looking towards the future: stay focused+strong. NY AG Crafts Deal to End Litigation at Cooper Union –…