Monthly Archives: June 2016



On a car trip, on a car trip on a car trip!

Finally it’s raining. We are, like, 6″ behind over the last 6 months.…

This cat is so pretty. 

Also I spent 30 minutes reading about journaling apps to help me write more regularly and had to snap out of it because dude. I HAVE A BLOG.

excited to find all the @NatlParkService spots we can on our imminent trip route. this app helps, thx @thelibber48!…

It’s new car day! My sweet civic needs too much work, got this fly xB today. IT’S SO BIG (comparatively)!

In the interests of family harmony, we have dramatically upsized the boys’ tent. #standupable #dometents4eva

so I hadn’t mentioned, but this is how I lost 20+ lbs: diet, exercise, and nerds. lots of nerds.…

Thinking of gramma as I picked over a flat of strawberries for ones not pretty enough to eat now for my jam.

things I would like to do this weekend: pick and eat strawberries. read books. find a space to sew. watch Twelve dance. TKD. #thesimplelife

Maybe the best start to a busy day in busy wk in busy month is to cut flowers for @mikegrundy to deliver to his mom.