Monthly Archives: February 2016

4:40AM: after removing the (live) mouse Ella brought us @mikegrundy said “maybe she heard me badmouthing her to @brdgtc.” Aw! #mightyhunter

2 years ago I paid $800 for my 94 civic. Today at 275,399 mi; except reg. maint., have spent addtl $1500. Huge win.

Gorgeous world where same person wrote my fav movies (Babe | Mad Max Fury Road). Director George Miller on Fresh Air

Daily rush hour traffic jam leaving VA hospital in Albany NY demands a sign: “Support veterans. Don’t jump the yellow/don’t block the box.”

these are SO AMAZING! super nice, @Stitcharama! Japanese Kogin Embroidery Coaster Kit…

shout-out to pittsburgh, duluth, and other towns I’ve known and loved: How America is Putting Itselve Back Together?…

Dinner out with @mikegrundy: “iron maiden got 99 problems but *generally,* sexism isn’t one if them.”

Waking up w sweethearts. Ella Olga Babygoat Torturekitty Murderclaws slept on me all night. Love? cold kitten feet?

things I wish I was better at having and wearing consistently: red lipstick, a signature perfume scent (or several), earrings.

When I met @mikegrundy he knew I liked robots and kittens but found robot kittens creepy. Confirmed: “Robo Kitty”

building dance party mix for Twelve and I to practice free-styling. Seeded a pandora station w skrillix. Parenting win? #moardroppls