Monthly Archives: January 2011

watching @mikegrundy look for free books on amazon for his kindle. I’m sure he’ll start reading romances soon to pad his 2011 book totals!

YAY! extra fun time at dinner last night. RT @paulabuzzard heading for shabu shabu with @karinajean and @mikegrundy ‘YAY’ as kari would say

me to @mikegrundy: I’m so grouchy right now. are you grouchy? you seem grouchy too. Him: no. you’re just grouchy. #ohaipoopcoloredglasses

while we are only enjoying about 4 inches of accumulation, the kids are enjoying a 2 hour delay so I am enjoying a work-from-home day.

in the last few hours our snow forecast has gone from 3-6 to 6-10. um. whoot?

.@barackobama just referenced the ASCE report card on infrastructure that no one knows about! #SOTU

On the one hand my 2 hour trip to work *totes* justifies all prior and future snowy work at home decisions. On the other, 2 hrs, jerks! Ugh!

I’m fairly charitably minded towards lots of bad driving, but if you don’t clean all the snow off of your car I probs think you’re a jerk.

Good: my hybrid battery thawed out! Sorta-meh: stuck behind the snow plow on my way to work. Slow, but safer, a slight catch-22.

Ohai surprise 2 inches of snow!

So these freezingly freezing temps may have done in my hybrid battery-gotta do some research on gen1 insight IMA.

Ohai, zero degreesF. It’s been a while.

it is COLD outside. the thermostat is set to 55 degF and the furnace STILL has to cycle on every 30 min. or so to maintain that temperature.

“and then there was Joe Nameth and pantyhose” – @mikegrundy‘s mom.

At a westchester diner while jack is at a nearby birthday party.

today involves a trip to valhalla (probs not the one you think) and animatronic grocery store animals.

boys + @mikegrundy saw the amazing and highly underrated movie babe w. me-and they loved it! (is darkly honest kiddie comedy fable a genre?)

On the train home after ~4 hrs at the motorcycle show. I want a royal enfield! And a BMW r1300! Diversity in the stable! Oh, and a nap!

On our way to the motorcycle show! Hopefully not too crowded so early in the day.

Was seriously craving Chinese food after hearing about heads of state dinner featuring China and US. Happily @mikegrundy could be persuaded!