Daily Archives: 11/12/2006

can you imagine?

Four years ago on November 2nd I started my lame webpage using msword and an ftp portal to my server. it was unwieldy and huge and hard to update, but I was putting in serious hours at a thankless job and was almost compelled to find a productive way of taking breaks through those 12 hour days. Now blogging software is not only free, but also super easy to install. it’s as easy for me to update this site as it is to write an email.

I’ve copied all of my old journal pages into wordpress but still haven’t take down the old pages. my new job is busyifying (but not busy work) and I don’t have nearly as much to complain about. Four years ago I was kind of vaguing around, and while I wanted to suceed, I didn’t really have any ambition to reach the level I am at now.

So, my mom still reads this thing (hi mom!) but I’ve also got a few friends who do as well, seemingly regularly. I’ve managed to figure out how much of the private to make public, and feel pretty confident with where my boundaries are (especially after having to figure all that out more definately during the summer). I don’t eat as many fish sandwiches as I once did, but am considering adding sardine reviews to the fish sandwich category. I’ve moved to pittsburgh and then to nj. I’ve rolled with some punches. I’ve crafted lots of things. and now we can all refer back to it in excrutiating detail – ha!

October 2006 books

76. The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren
77. Sue Barton: Student Nurse by Helen Dore Boylston
78. Sue Barton: Senior Nurse by Helen Dore Boylston
79. Sue Barton: Visiting Nurse by Helen Dore Boylston
80. Sue Barton: Rural Nurse by Helen Dore Boylston
81. The Story We Find Ourselves In by Brian McLaren
82. Sue Barton: Superintendent of Nurses by Helen Dore Boylston
83. Sue Barton: Neighborhood Nurse by Helen Dore Boylston
84. Alligator by Lisa Moore
85. Electric Michaelangelo by Sarah Hall
86. April Lady by Georgette Heyer
87. Giant’s Bread by Mary Westmacott

I didn’t even know Agatha Christie wrote books under a nom de plume (Ms. Westmacott). I can read just about anything, but man, the plot and general story of Giant’s Bread was so convaluted and horrible. The writing was great, natch – but too much romance and selfish and people making noble decisions and other people not being noble. I didn’t have the heart to read the other five books she’d written as Mary Westmacott. Although she might have improved the formula, it just wasn’t worth it to find out.