Monthly Archives: April 2014

TOTAL YAY TOTALITY. just ran 3.5 miles w a 9.43 average pace. Fist bumps for everyone!

Garage-saleing with 10!

Everyone at the vet said Miz Ella is super pretty, and it’s their job to know, right?

Ella Olga Babygoat Torturekitty Murderclaws is bright and has a healthy curiosity and also maybe a sprained toe. #vet

poor sweet Ella Olga Babygoat Torturekitty Murderclaws is limping this morning so fm an abundance of caution we’re going to vet later.

Hey guys guess which power ranger got her bike going and took a quick ride today? THIS ONE!

Just call @mikegrundy six eyes, ok?

I hear it’s snowing. It’s JUST like that time it snowed on my birthday when I turned 9. JUST LIKE IT.

Pen Vendorama at the DMV

Rosettes are gorgeous, if I say so myself, awards ceremony is lovely, and block party highly anticipated!

ERMAGAH rosette madness.

Xmas drum set was a “hit.”

lovely to see @literaryanimal w pics for week – incl @FreeCooperUnion + block party Sunday!…

upon receipt of our first degree black belts circa 1999. it’s hard to look tough when you’re me. #squee

That Joe Bush, you know: he’s a documented known liar.

Window in the street.

Adorable mittens: 1/2 done!

And right after I documented Ella’s amazing curly whiskers she warning-bit my wrist very warningly.

spring is happening/can’t stop it now. ps I convinced @mikegrundy to do a pic a day in april. yay!

Resonates w another “not real mom”… but no big! I <3 my blended family/stepdudes and they <3 me. #thekidsarealright