Monthly Archives: April 2016

Just having beer with @mikegrundy and streaming Prince via The Current from Minnesota Public Radio. As one does.

Bernie Sanders deducted $22,946 mortgage int?! worst mort., or giant house? (VT property tax$14,843 indicates #2)…

Voter # 28 today at my village polling place. No sticker, just the satisfaction of voting for a candidate I believe in. #ImWithHer

I just want Bernie Sanders to say Indubitably delicious. via @YouTube

I love this cat. She is never happier than when she sits on both of us at once.

Everything abt this video is fascinating. 21-armhole wrap dress. Adeline André collection couture hiver 2009-10

finding the right balance btwn consuming inspirational media for crafts I love and being overwhelmed by things to read and do is hard.