Sharp Edge

Last night I ordered the fish sandwich from The Sharp Edge Beer Emporium. It’s hard for me to write The Sharp Edge, because since before I moved to pittsburgh I have been calling it the sharper image for fun. Because it IS fun.

Anyway. Last night the fish sandwich was the simple choice to make. It came on a toasted kaiser roll, no lettuce or tomato or sides (like fries), and my choice of cocktail or tartar sauce. As if there were a choice! Fish sandwiches are really just a great mechanism to get tartar sauce into my body. Sort of like bagels and cream cheese. The price is $6.50. There were two fish patties with a nondescript crispyish breading. Each patty was about 4 inches wide and 4 inches long but triangular, and about 1/2 an inch thick. I stuck both onto the roll, loaded up with tartar sauce (I had to request more), smashed the whole thing together, and dug in.

The sandwich was good, but not superfantastico. The breading was a nice texture added to the fish but it really wasn’t a match for the fish itself. I was really surprised at how flakey the patty was and the breading didn’t do much to hold it together. It was good, but kind of messy. At one p0int I got fish flakes down the sleeve of my sweater.

This is a solid middle of the road fish sandwich choice, but by no means the best I’ve had. It rates better than “not gross” but I wouldn’t say it is so great that it precludes trying one of the other sandwiches at the sharper image. I mean Sharp Edge. Right.