Daily Archives: 2/9/2005

The Boat! She is Missed!

I have missed the boat! If I had been a little more forthcoming and a little less good intentions, I could have posted a link to information in the fish sandwich blog here. Well, I won’t let this get me down. I heart fish sandwiches for THEMSELVES, and I’m glad to know others do too.

campus in the morning

I am still on campus while I wrap things up with the ol’ thesis, and also, while I take advantage of fast non-dialup internets to find a job. This morning I was walking down to my building and saw a man come running out of a door and dash down the path. He was a tall and skinny man, I guess lanky is the best way to put it, and he looked as if he were late to a meeting, loping across the green square with his zippered folder under his arm. The thick fog in the background this morning makes everything seem much closer than it really is, and I was happy to see the running man.