Daily Archives: 2/11/2005

1st Fish Sandwich Review! From the Squirrel Cage

Last night the Lovely Michelle and I went to The Squirrel Hill Cafe, aka The Squirrel Cage, on the corner of Forbes Avenue and Murray. On the menu were TWO fish sandwiches: the Extra Large Sandwich (or something like that) at $3.95 and the Jumbo Fish priced at $4.95. I asked the waitress what the difference was and she told me the Extra Large Sandwich was breaded, and the Jumbo Fish was in a beer batter. So the Lovely Michelle and I both picked the Jumbo Fish.

The piece of fish is about 9 inches long, and triangularly shaped, with a 3-4 inch butt going to a 1 inch point on the other end. My sandwich was served with a cup of tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomato (I asked for these), and was on a hoagie roll cut neatly in half. It came with chips. They also offered me cocktail sauce, but they DON’T have malt vinegar at the Squirrel Cage.

The beer batter was good, but I have to admit, by the time I got to the end of the sandwich it had gotten a little gummy on the bottom. I’m not sure how well this would reheat if you didn’t finish it all in one sitting. But I would totally recommend this sandwich: the price is right, the size is big, and they’re generous with the trimmings (the tomato was the reddest I’d seen in quite some time!).

I was thinking last night: should I have some kind of cheesy rating system? like, 2 fins up, or something? the whale spout of approval? Ha! Now, THAT would be something.