last weekend and this weekend

This is a couple of v. busy weekends for me!

Last weekend Michelle and I (and Johanna) drove to NYC. There were as many good reasons as there were people in the car: a CD release party, a “Valentine’s Day” dinner, and a non-Valentine’s day party (Johanna’s brother celebrates the best holiday [thanksgiving] on the worst holiday [valentine’s day]). So the three of us set out at 6:30ish and after a fortuitous oil check and an even more fortuitous refilling of oil, we got to NYC around 12:30. Not bad. It was a long drive, but then, isn’t it always?

The weekend was fantastico, I had a nice time on Sat. with the Mister helping a friend move, and then taking a nap, and then having dinner (asparagus risotto! yum!). And then a nice and late night time at the CD release party and with good friends and partners in crime (i.e., Gabulo! the Tree of Birns!) and we when I say a late night time I mean SO LATE and SO FUN but too many gin and tonics, resulting in 1. missed train and 1. slightly uncomfortable drive home the next day. Even though we stopped at Cracker Barrel.

This weekend I am going to start tomorrow: I have an interview in Northern NJ tomorrow afternoon, so I leave bright and early in the morning. And I want to have dinner with my girlfriends that evening, and see The Gates on Friday. And then there is a costume party on Friday Night at the Mister’s, and then on Saturday I’ll be leaving early to drive up to the Catskills for the Old Skool East Coast Glitter Retreat Part 2! It’s going to be fantastically wonderful. I’m bringing my sock, a lace scarf, and my unfinished skirt. I’m driving home on Monday and will go straight to a book club meeting. Excellent.