another day, another non-dollar

I am sort of officially done with my thesis: done in the sense that my advisor said I had fulfulled my requirements, and as far as the dept. is concerned I’m done. I am still waiting for thesis review to finish up, and because it involves a committee (aka lots of people) I do not anticipate really finishing until the end of march.

that said, am getting ready for interviewing. today is my GET A JOB LEGWORK day, although I am sure I’ll substitute that for FOOL AROUND ON THE INTERNET day. will do my best to stand firm. mostly firm. Everytime I look at this unfinished WP page I want to get everything right and shiny and pretty on karinajean. I flew to tennessee and back last week and thought “if I had a laptop this airport time would be PERFECT for website fixing.” Instead I read 7 books. I am a beast when it comes to book finishing! I wish I could get a job doing THAT.