Because I am a book nerd (who knew?) I had to check out the library system. Luckily, there are a bunch of libraries in Bergen Co. and they have all banded together like merry men. There is one in Lyndhurst and another one in Rutherford so no matter what I think I’ll be set.

I like this information: “Our collection of 63,000 consists of books, videos, periodicals, and audio books for both adults and children.” and think that this is hilariously specific: “There is a limit of fifty (50) books you can borrow, however you may only borrow three books on any one subject.”

I found out the bus btwn the towns costs 1.10. Which seems like a lot to me. Even if it is just for bad weather. and even if I do make a zillion dollars a year.

We’ll see what happens.