Daily Archives: 3/25/2005

Driving: to The Capital District, and to a place to live.

man, today I am pooped. the tolls of the eventful week and of sleeping poorly and waking early and going to bed late are really affecting me today!

tonight I’m driving up to the Capital District to see the fam. I am still in the PGH mindset of having to drive for 8 hours (a solid 8 hours, it’s never less, and sometimes more) to get to upstate new york. I keep having to mentally shake myself to remind me that from the office, it’s probably just about 2 hours to get up there. Amazing! That’s only 25% of my accustomed trip! So even though I’m awfully tired, the 2 hour drive won’t be horrible and therefore I’m not as scared of dozing off and waking up immediately before I strike the rear wheel of a big heavy full dump truck with my passenger-side front wheel and fender (again) as I might be. Ahem. Long story.

Anyway, I did mention the free coffee and tea and hot chocolate… that goes a long way towards pepping me up. And also, today I found out that fridays there are free bagels! Rock’n’Roll!

News on the housing front: last night after a really wonderful dinner with friends from college I rudely but charmingly asked one of them if I could move into his house with him. He sweetly and charmingly said of course, he would have invited me hizzelf but wasn’t sure how it would be taken by the mister. He also said things like “I’m never home,” “I work a lot,” and “my television set is so big that if you put a movie on of you and stood next to it it would be life size.” Hee!

Next week I’m going to revisit my original plan for living on the train line about 1/2 between the offices (existing and potential), and if that doesn’t pan out quickly I’ll crash with mike while I look. I figure that sure, it’s a terrible, unpedestrian friendly, long long walk from the train to the office — but in the summer it would be a really nice bike ride. And in bad weather, heck, maybe it WON’T be horrible to drive. I’m on day 5 of driving 45 minutes to work each way and it really isn’t as awful as I had imagined. Sure, I’d rather not do it for personal reasons, but it’s not a disaster. NPR is my best friend. Flo is running quite sweetly for an aged vehicle. It’s a reverse commute, so it’s not a disaster with the stop and go. It’s all good!