Daily Archives: 3/24/2005

My new job and new “home,” in list format

Things I like about my new job:

* lots of free stuff. Nerdy free stuff, like shirts and caps and hard hats and engineering scales and safety glasses and ear plugs and steel toed boots and a wind shirt (and cabbages and kings).

and best free stuff of all: hot chocolate, tea, and coffee in the lunch room. and REAL MILK to put in it! it’s incredible. It makes me so happy to know that I can have a cup of tea the way I really like it, with milk and sugar. Even when I don’t drink the office tea that often, I know it’s there, and I am At Peace. That’s right, free beverages make me feel peaceful.

* they’re working me hard already. I kind of like that. Plus, they’re giving me bunches of responsibilities. I know that I really DO have 4 years of prior experience, and now a shiny masters degree, but heck. I was so startled to actually be thrown into a real management situation! I don’t know what I expected, but this is a LONG way from burning CDs, Toto!

Things I had forgotten about consulting that I remembered when I got to my new job:
* timesheets
* job numbers
* office politics (not to say that I’ve noticed office politics here, because I haven’t. but I remembered them!)

Things that surprized me about my new job:
* aforementioned lots-of-work
* This is the quietest office I’ve ever worked in. not that I’ve got a LOT of offices under my belt, but maybe it’s b/c we’re so busy? Who knows. The ventilation system is PRIMO loud and the lights are nice and hummy.
* not being able to use my webmail. I guess I have been v. lucky all this time to not have that blocked…

Things that are weird about “living” in NJ:
* driving to work
* driving to work not being horrible
* having a job
* running into people who I know from the past
* not living with michelle anymore
* living with a bunch of boys in my beau’s flop house
* not reading books constantly