Daily Archives: 3/2/2005


It’s official — other than actually signing papers, I am 100% taking the job, moving, and starting on March 21.

Man. That means I have to:
1. Get an apartment
2. Pack my stuff up. Including 20 boxes of books, plus or minus.
3. Move. Yuck.
4. Have a going away party.
5. Enjoy Pittsburgh before I go, which may include one or more of the following: The Orchard Show and Medicinal Plants Exhibit at Phipps Conservatory; the Carnegie International Exhibit; and riding the incline with Michelle, perhaps holding hands b/c we’re so sad about breaking up;
6. Appreciating some of the many Lenten Church Fish Sandwich dinners in the area
7. Determine if I have enough suitable clothes for an office job and if not
8. Sew more skirts because I refuse to buy more clothes until I get a real paycheck. and also
9. Have sewing school with Joy and Michelle because that’s the kind of thing that’s important.
10. Make my “Christmas” cards and mail them to many many people I know. Yee-ikes.

(of course, this may or may not occur in this order.)

So, SURE, I have nearly 3 weeks. But heck! I feel like I have a whole passel of things to do.

I’ll start off my rush by going home and not doing ANYTHING. If you haven’t noticed, I’ll let you in on a little secret: while I might make a lot of secret plans, I am undeniably a PROCRASTINATOR.