change of plans

ok, so, I have decided to not stress out about getting an apartment just now. I think that this is a better chain of events:
1. go to new job
2. learn about new job, including: who I will be working with and what projects/sites I’ll be working on and THEN
3. Determine which office to live near.

This is much better than:
1. find an apartment, sign a year lease.
2. start new job.
3. realize that everyone else will be working in a different place. Increase already long (but on public transportation with a hearty walk) commute by 20 min.
4. be sad because I’m spending 2+ hours commuting every day.

So the big reason why I was shooting for lyndhurst was because it’s on the train line that goes near the office. But I drove up there today, and apparently, “near the office” means “about 2 miles and frustratingly without a direct route” which might be nice in the summer, but probably won’t be nice at all the rest of the time. Including days like today, where it was gorgeous and sunny but also 16 degrees and with a fierce windchill. and forget yesterday, where it was near blizzard conditions!

and at sometime in the near future they’re opening another office in central NJ and I may want to be located there, you know? It all depends on who I’ll be working with, where they’ll be working, and also if there’s a lot of out-of-office site time, and where THAT is. so because the public transportation concept isn’t going to work out for me I think I’ll just wait until I get a feel for WHERE I’ll be working most of the time, and then figure out where I should be living. Piece of cake, no? Until I get a handle on that, I’ll crash with the mister or find a room for rent, perhaps in a FLOP HOUSE. wouldn’t that be exciting? and wouldn’t you, dear reader(s), love to hear about my exciting stay in a FLOP HOUSE?