I am sliding back into that whole purchasing things blindly and quickly off of the internets attitude, I can tell. When I first started working here I was quick to buy an urban garden date book from blissen (and I see that I got in right before it was too late! they’re just about sold out!). I bought new shoes, a pair of danskos that I love love love and had been dreaming of buying for a year. And on top of that, my new bag and wallet arrived in albany this week!

I really don’t want to get back into blind purchasing to fill a void in my life. I don’t want to be in the habit of thinking “I want! I order!” like a study in impulse-control. Really.

But that said, I REALLY LOVE my new calender. I have spent too long today filling in days and appointments and I love seeing all the stuff I’m doing this week/last week all lined up neatly. I’m faced with the big question: special pen, pencil, or whatever is at hand? and how will I write in birthdays? it’s so exciting to have a brand new spotless calender, and to have the opportunity to start to fill it up. Of course, it’s a love hate relationship, because the more full the calender, the more stressed and more frustrated one can be. Or if you never have a reason to use the calender it will languish in your bag for ages, lonesome, untouched, wasted. Hopefully the honeymoon with my new date book doesn’t end. It’s been a really fun few hours…