New things for Karina Jean.

I’ve been working on my webpage!

Originally, and this might be the dorkiest way to end up with a webpage ever, but Originally, I had a mailing address. I loved that address. Before Originally, I had a chickmail address, and I loved that one too. But then chickmail went defunct. I searched so hard for a cool, fun, funky web-based email address. I did NOT want yah0o mail or h0tmail, because they are terrible spaminators, and I wanted a less common name. When I found I thought it was a perfect match, because I love outer space. We had nearly two glorious years together, and then my Space mail went defunct too.

I was so upset! Frustrated! Angry! So I thought maybe I should buy my domain, because I had heard one could get cool webbased email, like I was looking for, and hey, maybe I DID want a webpage.

I didn’t know if I should actually purchase anything because I don’t have a computer at home. What I do have is a visor handspring edge, with a stowaway keyboard, and a desk job as an engineer with a handy computer. I thought it would be silly to have a webpage and no computer at home! But, I also thought, what if someone else took They’ve already taken my nickname and my last name and my first name… so I took the plunge. I bought the domain.

Now, some kind of general explanations in case there are any questions. I don’t know html, and my cheapy hosting doesn’t include any bells and whistles so I’d have to hard-code everything. Therefore, I’m making these pages using word. Yeah, yeah, I know, word sucks, it’s clumsy, and my source looks nasty. But until I get a computer at home, I don’t think I’ll be able to spend any time learning html.

I don’t really know what to write in this area – I just want to get writing. I don’t write much at all anymore. I used to keep a multi-volume journal, called my cooter. But that was when I could write and write and write in class and it looked like I was taking notes. Those days are over. I don’t take notes any more. Not in class, anyway. It’s all a big experiment! And it is the interweb, so I know that nothing is private and there is the possibility this page will float around in the great google cache memory for ever and ever.