Erik Buell is the lone ranger of motorcyclists.

“People should feel guilty about driving big, fat SUVs. Whether it has an electric motor or a gasoline motor, you know, if you’re riding in luxury with multiple screens around you and air conditioning and it’s padded and you’re driving by yourself, you should be embarrassed.  I think people are going to start thinking, ‘This is stupid, we shouldn’t be doing this.’ There’s plenty of other things to be using our resources on, we should be using them to go to the moon or feed the world instead of cranking out more freaking Hummers.”


“I don’t necessarily believe that a 1,000cc sportsbike is practical transportation, but compared to a Hummer? Maybe it’s not the most green thing on the planet, but it’s not bad. I hope we don’t come to a world where we’ll all wearing IBM suits and riding Segways to work. God help us. The bikes I want to build, I want them to be fun and capable and cool and work. I don’t want to be in the mundane transportation business.

From the article at Hell for Leather Magazine, which you should probably subscribe to posthaste if you like motorcycles. Or even if you don’t. It’s good stuff, and is for darn sure getting me through my winter of sub-40 deg temperatures and oh did I mention my carb is all ganked up, won’t come apart for me to clean it, and I can’t even start my darn bike anyway?