Daily Archives: 11/24/2010

early prep of thanksgiving foods derailed after I remembered that green stuff also has cottage cheese in it, which I TOTALLY didn’t buy.

“giving in” and buying a subscription to @HellForLeather online moto magazine – my day job desk jockey experience is miserable without it.

I knew the house sounded extra creaky this morning.

We are refinancing our house, and the appraiser came today to take a look. This, understandably (yeah?) makes me nervous. We cleaned and swept and I said things to Mike like: I just don’t want her to think we’re dirty people. The house looks much better on the inside than it did a short 3 hours ago.

So she is walking around the house with me, and I notice something on the ground. It’s a piece of the siding that goes up by the roof. And it has blown off of the house and gone ENTIRELY AROUND THE ENTIRE STRUCTURE and ended up on the ground on the exact opposite corner from whence it came.
What do you do? I just ignored it. I thought:  maybe she won’t notice it if I don’t say anything. Our yard is pretty messy right now, and it is entirely conceivable that we could have a big chunk of something that looks like roofish siding lying in the weeds just ’cause. I didn’t say a word. I didn’t stare at it. I didn’t even try to kick it out of the way.


(confidential to Mike: let’s talk about you getting up there and hammering some stuff back onto the house, ‘kay?)